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    Company profile

        Founded in 1991, the company has been focusing on the cultivation, testing, production, refrigeration and sales of frozen fruits and vegetables, aquatic products, quick-frozen dumplings, pastry products and chili products for nearly 30 years. Form a complete and efficient food production and processing industry chain. Product sales throughout the world, has been sold to Asia, Europe, the United States and other continents dozens of countries, especially in Japan and many listed companies have established decades of stable relations of cooperation. Imported from Japan and other countries the most advanced X-ray foreign body detection machine, color sorter, metal detector, automatic weighing machine, automatic packaging machine and other advanced equipment.                 

        The company continuously improves the product quality and the management level. Successively won the honor of are as follows: the first approved by the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, by Japan's health ministry for the record 27 spinach are export to Japan, one of China's first imported frozen spinach chlorpyrifos pesticide exempted from inspection project is one of the eight companies, was named in shandong province agriculture industrialization key leading enterprises, high-tech enterprises, "food, shandong food production and processing demonstration enterprises, food hygiene grade A reputation enterprise in shandong province, Qingdao advanced units of production safety; Qingdao import and export integrity enterprises, love enterprises in jiaozhou city and Qingdao famous brand products and other honorary titles.        

        Since 2002, the company according to Japan's positive list system and the state administration of quality and technical supervision, the requirement of the base of shandong entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau for the record, all meet the conditions for the record base in Qingdao entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau for the record, and the company every year to perfect the record base, standardize and improve, as of September 2013, the company has more than 7000 mu of vegetable export Japan record base, realize the source from the table back to grow.        

        In 2003, the establishment of a professional testing center, successively from corporation has imported the most advanced from shimadzu GC - 2010 gas chromatograph, GCMS - 2010 PLUS GC instrument and other advanced testing equipment, pesticide residues in 2009 passed the accreditation council for conformity assessment of China national laboratories CNAS recognition, is able to carry out a number of pesticide residues, microbial and physical and chemical testing, etc. Professional talent team, advanced technical equipment to ensure that each shunchang products qualified and safe.        

        Since June 2018, the company has signed the "technology development contract" with jiangnan university, and set up the Qingdao ganoderma polysaccharides research and development technology expert workstation, using high-tech, ganoderma polysaccharides functional nutritional oral liquid, cakes, pastry and other products in-depth development

         In order to let people eat safe food safety and health, the company in 2012 began to organize team for quick-frozen dumplings, seafood, sweet chili sauce and other products of research and development, after tens of thousands of times of test, have independent research and development of more than twenty quick-frozen dumplings, sweet chili sauce and a dozen seafood products in 2014, successfully created "xi full year" brand, has been successively awarded the "Qingdao famous brand" products, "Chinese famous snacks", "shandong manufacturer" and other honorary titles.           

        The quality of our products has reached the international standards, safe, healthy, delicious and nutritious, by consumers love.


    Corporate culture

    Business philosophy:Develop industry with morality, people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, and surpass dreams

    Business policy:Quality first, safety first, scientific management and innovation

    Enterprise spirit:Brave to fight, persistent and dedicated

    The social responsibility:Make conscience food, let consumers rest assured

    Corporate vision:Lead the future of food industry and build a food production enterprise with international competitiveness

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