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    Founder's speech

    1587958387322473.jpgQingdao shunchang food founder   zhang jiane

    Dear friends,

        Hello! Welcome to the website of Qingdao Shunchang Food Co., LTD. Behind the brand is the spirit of excellence, innovation and development in Qilu culture, the dedication and hard work of hundreds of Shunchang people, and the support of hundreds of consumers. Shunchang Food will also give back to the society through actions.

        Over the years, we have always been adhering to the customer first, quality first principle, so that consumers eat safe and healthy food, the pursuit of healthy human life as the mission of the enterprise, has always been better than the thickness of speed, industry prosperity than individual brilliance, social value than commercial wealth values, guide the growth and expansion of the enterprise.

        Over the years, we have witnessed and participated in the development of the food industry, and established the vision and mission of becoming the most reliable safe and healthy food enterprise in the world.

        We sincerely thank every friend who pays attention to Shunchang Food and thank you for your support and participation. We will definitely live up to our mission and move forward. Because sizi has fields, we always remember that as a food enterprise, we are associated with the land, with thousands of vegetable farmers, employees and partners; Boon word has a reason, we always understand attribution, understand that all the results from the trust of consumers, from all levels of party committee and government support and help.

        In the future, we will continue to make efforts and forge ahead, through continuous innovation and internationalization of the development path, committed to use the world's high-quality resources to better serve Chinese consumers and global consumers. Friends, let us work hand in hand, health along the way, continue to provide safe, nutritious, healthy food to everyone!

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